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Apart from French legend Thierry Henry, Arsenal has hardly had a striker that could be referred to as world class or at least one capable of giving them a consistent number of goals to help keep them afloat at the higher end of the EPL log or at worse compete for English football’s most coveted trophy.

Over the years players have come and gone, most pretenders and some even if they showed promise failed to reproduce on a consistent basis; A perfect example being Andrei Arshavin.

The Russian came to England from Zenit St Petersburg, mesmerized in spurts till he fizzled out.After trying out one or more experiments, Arsene Wenger began experimenting with the wingers at his disposal most notably Theo Walcott.

It is also worthy of note that that was the same way The Professor discovered Henry’s true potential. Right from his time at Juventus before being drafted to the center of the attack, the retired France international played the wings.

Injuries will however have none of it as the England international battled with Jack Wilshere for the title of the most unfortunate prodigy in history whose undoing was never far from clips on the ankle.

Oliver Giroud’s signing from Montpellier in 2012 at that time felt like an answer to a long prayer. However, although the French man is as decent as they come, his inability to be what Sergio Aguero and Diego Costa are to Man City and Chelsea respectively meant the Emirates crowd were bound to have grumblingsof dissatisfaction at his performances.

Lyon striker Alexander Lacazette prior to The Court of Arbitrations denial of Atletico Madrid’s plea was headed to the Spanish capital.

However given the Frenchman’s openness to leave his current team, it won’t be out of place for Wenger roll the dice of a French player leading his attack one more time. Anything is possible.